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2018 Team Suits and Pictures


Team Pictures:  Friday June 15th

We will do Individuals and A Group . 

Individuals: 8-9:30 am

Group at 10am

Please show up early. Please DO NOT show up for individuals at 9:25, we have to be off pool deck at 10 sharp .


Everyone on the Marion Marlins SwimTeam

is required to wear the team suit.

The Board has picked: We are keeping the same suits as last year.

Dolfin Reliance Predator :  Blue/Gold

Suit Pictures on Facebook.

Girls:  V Back One Piece Swimsuit

Boys:  Jammer Swimsuit


Suits are available at :  Melise's Boutique (she gave us a great deal). 

Swimoutlet and other online swim shops.


If not wearing the team suit (or past team suit),  Navy is the ONLY EXCEPTION.  Our Coaches want us as an united front.  This also helps them identify our swimmers at Meets.